Upcoming Events for Happenings http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/ Dec. 19, 2018 : Wednesday - $5.99 Select Appetizers - All Night!! http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/wednesday-5-99-select-appetizers-all-night/view/2018-12-19 <p>$5.99 Select Appetizers - all night!!</p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/wednesday-5-99-select-appetizers-all-night/view/2018-12-19 Dec. 20, 2018 : Thursdays - $1.00 Off Well Drinks and Wine http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/thursdays-1-00-off-well-drinks-and-wine/view/2018-12-20 <p><em>Join us for our $1.00 off Well Drinks and Wine all night!! </em></p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/thursdays-1-00-off-well-drinks-and-wine/view/2018-12-20 Dec. 21, 2018 : Happy Hour, Trivia & Live Bands http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/happy-hour-trivia-and-live-bands/view/2018-12-21 <p> </p> <p>Join us and welcome in the weekend during happy hour 4-7pm!!  Enjoy $2.50 drafts, $6.00 Cheese Pizzas and great food &amp; drink specials. The party continues at 8:00 with live music from your favorite local bands.</p> <p>What a great way to start the weekend off!!</p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/happy-hour-trivia-and-live-bands/view/2018-12-21 Dec. 22, 2018 : Karaoke with Bob Libby http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/karaoke-with-bob-libby/view/2018-12-22 <p>It doesn't matter if you have a voice that rivals Adele or you can't carry a tune.  Its all about having a great time.  So come down to the lounge on Saturday night and show us your stuff.  There are thousands of songs to choose from and never a cover charge.  We just expect to see you have fun.</p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/karaoke-with-bob-libby/view/2018-12-22 Dec. 24, 2018 : Margarita Monday http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/margarita-monday/view/2018-12-24 <p>It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Enjoy a delicious Margarita for $4 every Monday.</p> <p> </p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/margarita-monday/view/2018-12-24 Dec. 26, 2018 : Wednesday - $5.99 Select Appetizers - All Night!! http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/wednesday-5-99-select-appetizers-all-night/view/2018-12-26 <p>$5.99 Select Appetizers - all night!!</p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/wednesday-5-99-select-appetizers-all-night/view/2018-12-26 Dec. 27, 2018 : Thursdays - $1.00 Off Well Drinks and Wine http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/thursdays-1-00-off-well-drinks-and-wine/view/2018-12-27 <p><em>Join us for our $1.00 off Well Drinks and Wine all night!! </em></p> http://seasonsgrille.com/happenings/thursdays-1-00-off-well-drinks-and-wine/view/2018-12-27